General Gunsmithing

Detailed Gun Cleaning

General Repairs

Sight In Firearm

Bore Sight

Pattern Shotgun

Drill & Tap Firearms For Sights Or Optics

Install Sight Ramps

Install Front Or Mid Rib Sight Bead On Shotgun

Scope Mounting

Custom Scope Base

Cut Dovetail

Function Test Firearm

Check Head Space

Check Firing Pin Protrusion

Chamber Casting

Remove Fired Case From Chamber

Remove Live Round From Chamber

Remove Obstruction From Bore

Remove Fouling And/Or Leading From Barrel

Barrel Lining

Cut & Crown Barrel

Welding On New Bolt Handle

Trigger Job

Polish Chamber

Polish Bore

Long Forcing Cone

Open/Modify Choke

Install Screw In Choke Tubes

Barrel Porting

Chamfer Revolver Barrel

Chamfer Revolver Cylinder

Revolver Action Job

Re-Barrel Revolver

Re-Qualify Revolver Barrel/Cylinder Gap

Semi-Auto Action Job

Tighten Semi-Auto Slide

Fit Semi-Auto Barrels

Throat, Polish Barrel And Feed Ramp

Fit New Triggers

Fit Custom Handgun Hammer

Modify 1911 Auto Frame For Beavertail Safety

Re-Barrel Rifle

Custom Gunsmithing

Custom Built Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers

Custom AR Rifle/Pistol

We can build any AR style rifle or pistol to your specifications. Please inquire for more information.